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Healing Therapy

hello and welcome!

My name is Carol Dorian, I am a fourth-generation psychic visionary reader and healer. I have enhanced my gifts and abilities through my studies at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in Mccaysville, Georgia; also Berkeley School of Metaphysics in Berkeley, California. As a spiritual guide and healer, I believe all people have the power to improve their lives: all that is needed is to harness the proper energy.

I have been guiding clients providing answers and spiritual assistance, in troubled relationships, unresolved trauma healing from narcissistic abuse as well as clearing energy that is contradictory to their optimum well-being for over 28 years,
I will be pleased to do the same for you.


how can I help you?

Tarot card reading


Twin flame reading

Aura reading

Crystal therapy

Chakra balancing


Sound therapy

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Tarot card reading -$50

This reading combines my psychic ability in combination with the tarot cards. As you think of your questions the energy of your questions is directed to the cards. This reading covers questions such as: 

Can my relationship be repaired?
Will we reunite?
What is the right career path for me?
What is delaying my goals?
What is to come for family members?
and much more!

Aura reading  -$75

This reading can be done in person or by phone.
Following a guided
 meditation, you will send a text of your picture and I will be able to see your aura colors as well as energetic restriction or blockage that could be causing unwanted patterns in certain areas of life. This reading will highlight your strong energy points as well as weak energy points giving guidance on how to enhance your strong energetic points as you learn how to decrease and remove unwanted energy that might be retained in the aura due to traumatic events in life

Twin flame reading  -$120

This reading will identify whether you have found your soul mate or your twin flame as well as address the challenges of the twin flame journey giving guidance and solutions. If you're on the verge of separation or completely separated, this reading will identify if you're breaking up is due to a past life circumstance, karmic residual, interferences from others, or energetic negativity. Upon this discovery, we will tap into if what he or she is thinking, feeling, and wanting lines up with your greater good and happiness 

Crystal therapy  -$320

This service can be done in person or by phone. 
If done by phone your crystals will be sent to you and we will proceed with instructions and a one-on-one guided meditation. Crystal therapy uses crystals in combination with a guided meditation to manage and release negative energy caused by depression, anxiety, or PTSD. This is done in seven sessions. 

Chakra balancing  -$420

Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. This service is about locating and treating blockage that becomes stored in the energetic body. This is a series of seven guided customized meditations using the elements, crystals, and colors associated with the chakras.
We are clearing and healing the chakras of energy retention that keep us stuck, unfocused, and unmotivated physically mentally emotionally, and spiritually. 

Sound Therapy  -$320

Sound therapy is a form of healing that uses sound vibrations from chimes and singing bowls. This method of healing works on two principles, that different emotions vibrate on different levels, and blocked or unexpressed emotions are the main source of physical, mental, and emotional disease. Through a series of five sessions, we bring all repressed energy to the surface and transmute it using sound 


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